2019 Ford Ranger Vs. 2019 Toyota-Tacoma: mid Size Match-up

We continue compared the coming brand new 20-19 Toyota Tacoma vs ford ranger into the Other new midsize pickup on the cube, the 20 20 Jeep Gladiator. Now it’s time for you to realize how it stacks up into a recognized player within the category, the earnings king of these midsize trucks, that the Toyota Tacoma.

Obviously, in this stage, this narrative is just in Writing; But following the 20-19 Ford Ranger press force after this week, we are going to be pushing off using a fresh Ranger to placed in to a real head-to-head contrast against a brand new Tacoma, so keep tuned in for the beliefs and results in the close of December. Ford believes the difference will probably be positive — we’re told it’s planning to own a genuinely corresponding Tacoma on hands for all members of the websites to induce throughout the Ranger drive event.

It’s also worth noting that people don’t possess the Ranger’s specifications — no more control weight, as an instance, and just maximal towing and payload amounts (nothing is divided from taxi or equipment), therefore this is merely a fast and dirty contrast. We’ll have additional details and information ahead.


The most Well-known versions from the midsize pick-up class are Four-door crew cabs, and also Ranger and Tacoma have similar offerings. The Ranger Super-Crew (aka crew taxi ) supplies a shorter bed. The SuperCab (also called the elongated cab) uses precisely the same wheelbase however features a mattress that is 1 foot more. Toyota calls for its team taxi the dual taxi and its long taxi an entrance Cab and will be offering two distinct wheelbases to provide greater size and length sophistication. We are going to reach exact bed span dimensions in just a tad. For the time being, there will be some Apples to Apples dimensions and specifications.

Wheel Base: 126.8 (just one provided )

Length: 210.8

Length: 85.8 (in a mirror )

Front course: 61.4

Backtrail: 61.4


Wheel Base: 127.4, 140.6 (Doublecab short bed, long mattress )

Length: 74.4, 75.2 (with discretionary over fenders not mirror into Mirror )


Ford provides its FX4 off Road Package around the Ranger, While Toyota goes a minimum of one step farther with all the dedicated TRD Guru offroad cut the top of 2 new TRD-branded option bundles. This contributes to much more significant variation in offroad capacities to that Tacoma depends on how it’s equipps.


Approach or breakover or departure: 27.9/ / 22.7/ / 25.2 levels (4×2), 28.7/ / 21.5/ / 25.4 (4×4)


Approach/breakover/departure: 29/24/23.5 levels (4×2 accessibility C Ab ), 29/20-21/ / 23.5 (4×2 dual taxi ), 29/20-21/ / 23.1 (4×2 Doublecab long mattress ), 32/20-21/ / 23.5 (4×2 Doublecab TRD off Road ), 29/24/23 (4×4 Access Cab), 32/24/23 (4×4 Access-Cab TRD off Road ), 29/21/23.5 (4×4 Doublecab ), 29/21/23.1 (4×4 Doublecab lengthy mattress ), 32/21/23.5 (4×4 Doublecab TRD off Road ), 35/26/23.9 (4×4 Doublecab TRD Guru )

As you might anticipate, the Tacoma provides Increased variant and Diversity in its own highest payload and towing amounts as a result of its private engine options (an inline four-cylinder and also a v 6 ) and also multi-wheelbase strategy. The Ranger now offers just the gas turbo-charged four-cylinder. The Tacoma can be available with a manual transmission system, which marginally affects payload capabilities.


Bed length: 6-1 inches (Super Crew ), 72.8 inches (SuperCab)

Maximum diameter: 61.4 inches

Bed breadth in back brakes: 44.8 inches

Max payload: 1,560 lbs (Super Crew 4×4), 1,650 (SuperCab


Bed span: 60.5 inches, 73.7 In.

Maximum bed breadth: 56.7 In.

Bed breadth in back brakes: 41.5 inches

V 6 Tow Prep Package), 6,600 (4×2 Doublecab extended mattress with V 6 Tow Prep C Ab using V 6 Tow Prep Package)

Max payload: 1,155 (4×4 V 6 manual dual taxi ), 1,175 (4×4 V 6 automatic dual taxi ), 1,275 (4×4 V 6 manual accessibility Cab), 1,295 (4×4 V 6 Automated Access Cab), 1,380 (4×4 four-cylinder Automated accessibility Cab), 1,405 (4×4 four-cylinder manual accessibility Cab), 1,420 (4×2 V 6 manual dual taxi ), 1,505 (4×2 four-cylinder automatic dual taxi ), 1,540 (4×2 V 6 Automated entry C Ab ), 1,620 lbs (4×2 four-cylinder Automated accessibility Cab)